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Yasuo Ohnishi, Hirofumi Hara and Sueharu Horinouchi Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences,
The University of Tokyo
Masahira Hattori Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo
Haruo Ikeda and Atsushi Yamashita Kitasato Institute for Life Sciences, Kitasato University
Jun Ishikawa National Institute of Infectious Diseases

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Table. Current status of the genome

Topology linear
Length (bp) 8,545,929
G+C content (%) 72.2
Protein-coding gene 7,138
rrn operon (16S-23S-5S) 6
tRNA gene 66

Ohnishi, Y., et al. The genome sequence of the streptomycin-producing microorganism Streptomyces griseus IFO 13350. J. Bacteriol. (2008)
What's S. griseus. S. griseus is a streptomycin producer.
How determined. We constructed small- (2 kb) and large-insert (10 kb) genomic libraries, and generated about 110,000 sequences (giving 9.5-fold coverage) from both ends of the genomic clones. The sequence data were assembled by using PHRED/PHRAP/CONSED package and in-house scripts. Sequence gaps were closed by transcriptional sequencing and primer walking. Genes were annotated by using GLIMMER, BLASTP, FramePlot, tRNASCAN-SE and in-house scripts. The telomere sequence has separately been cloned, sequenced, and then incorporated into the assembly.
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